Signature Rimmed Dinner Plate

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Eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner in style by getting yourself a set of ware that you will be proud and delighted to use! These wonderful dinner plates are perfect for home use or for receiving guests. They are decorated with elegant blue brush strokes for a simplistic and minimalist design. They look great against any color and will surely compliment your dining set, no matter its style or era!

With its beautiful yet functional design, you can not only use these plates for eating but also as decoration! Place them in a china cabinet or on mounted shelves for guests to see and they will be praising you for your ingenuity. Beautiful plates like these deserve to be displayed for eyes to see, and appreciate!

These masterpieces were made by skillful artisans who pay great attention to detail to produce the most creative and wonderful pieces of art. The result is a dinner set that will not only hold your food but also is easy on the eyes! Be encouraged to do some food art and post all the photos that you want on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram according to your heart’s desire! 

Be excited to hold dinner parties by using these plates to serve your guests. They will love coming to your house on a regular basis after using these wares! It makes eating a much more delectable and memorable experience. Food is, after all, a form of art!

There’s nothing quite like these signature rimmed dinner plates. Celebrate its uniqueness by gracing your home with this set, and these will surely be your favorite plates! They come in a variety of sizes so you can use them for different types of food from finger food to helpful servings of rice. Or, you can simply place some delightful fruits that will serve as a pop of color in your pristine home and place them on your beautiful coffee table.

These plates also present no hassle for you and your family. It is microwave and oven safe, so you can pop it straight into the appliance of your choice without worries and get to eat under no time! Plus, it is also dishwasher safe, so you can use this everyday and simply wash them with your trusty soap and water so they’re ready for use the next day.

  • Made from ivory clay, making it the ideal ware to hold your food as well as giving it a classy, expensive feel.
  • Available in five sizes. There’s a plate for every meal and serving!
  • Perfect for dinner parties, or even simple dinners with your loved ones!
  • Features a unique yet tasteful design!
  • Does not break easily, so you will be using these for a very long time!
  • The perfect housewarming gift, or even to a newlywed couple! Avoid the hassle of having to think about gifts from now on!
  • Microwave safe. Dishwasher safe. Oven safe
  • Dimensions
    • S: D 6.69 X H 0.7 IN
    • M: D 8.1 X H 0.7 IN
    • L: D 9.2 X H 0.7 IN
    • XL: D 10.07  X H 0.7 IN
    • XXL: D 11.6 X H 0.7 IN