Say “Aaaa” Hanging Vase

DE-VS-002-Y-S $32.00

With mindful and clever design plus an active imagination, any home can be a sight for sore eyes, especially if it’s done right. This can be achieved with the proper placement of the perfect design pieces in the right places, plus this wonderful addition makes the home special. Easily make your friends and family want to hang out at your place as many times a week as possible by giving many thoughts into your home’s interior. Place these Say "Aaaa" Hanging Vases and turn your space from plain and boring to chic and artful!

Scream “Aaaa” with cuteness and awe at this unique piece of decor. There is nothing quite like it in the market, therefore this gem of a piece is a rare find! These vases also boast of sturdiness, with a strong hanging rope that will allow the vases to stay secure in their position. Save yourself from the embarrassment by getting decor you’re sure you will not be replacing anytime soon! And it’s not just because the item is durable and sturdy, it’s also because the design is modern and yet timeless.

This hanging vase comes in multiple colors that you can choose from, whether it’s according to your personality or the style of your home. Pick the right color and effectively pick the right ambiance that these vases will also bring to your home! Plus, it adds a nice touch to your rooms that will make you want to rush home every day after work.

Do not let your ceiling be just a ceiling. Take things to a new and refreshing level by making it a wonderful sight to behold, too. Do not limit yourself to designing just the walls of your rooms. You can achieve so much more with hanging vases! Pair them up with the right choice of flowers and let some nature into your closed doors.

· Handmade and individually made.
· Made from earthenware clay, which allows for a homely bohemian design that will effectively remind you of nature.
· Hangs on ceilings and walls sturdily so you won’t have to worry about it falling anytime soon!
· Colors available: Snow White, Smoky Charcoal, Brown Matt, Sahara Sand
· Available in two sizes: short and tall, so you can pick according to the height of your walls!
· The perfect gift for anyone who loves to decorate their home, or you can just send it to them to encourage them to start!
· Dimensions: Short (L 6.5 X H 6.5 X D 2 IN) Tall: (L 5 X H 7.5 X D 2 IN)