Handmade Modern Pour-Over Coffee Dripper Stand

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A coffee aficionado with a love for the art of pour-over coffee prep? Make every session extra sensual with this beautiful coffee dripper stand! Fill your space with the aromatic scent of coffee and the visual treat of seeing coffee brew on your choice of coffee dripper atop this stand and drip to a carafe or mug at the bottom.

Made of borosilicate glass, our hand blown V60-02 glass coffee dripper has a pretty inner swirl design that guides water evenly around coffee grounds to maintain a proper flow rate and a more balanced extraction of flavor. Adding it to your choice of rack will enhance your experience of manual, pour-over style coffee brewing. Control the flow, timing, and temperature of water- be your own master of coffee!

Choose from RACK OF YOUR COLOR CHOICE ONLY or YOUR CHOICE OF RACK+ GLASS DRIPPER COMBO! Even better, you'll get a pack of unbleached and biodegradable cone-shaped coffee filters(size: No. 2) made of 100% pure wood pulp if you go with the combo!

* Modern design: Featuring a simple C-shaped metal stand, it blends seamlessly in a range of home or office themes, from modern and minimalistic to shabby chic interiors.
* Versatile setup: Coming in with a large hole on top, the stand lets you work it with different drippers. You can place a teacup-shaped dripper at the top or fit a funnel-shaped one over the hole. And with a big headroom at the bottom, you may choose for coffee to drip directly to a mug or to a larger carafe.
* Attractive and protective finish: Worried about paint peeling, color fading, and premature wearing? This coffee dripper stand is powder-coated to give you a uniform, durable, and attractive finish.
* Multiple options: Want to go for something more fun? This nifty pour-over coffee stand comes in different macaroon colors. Take your pick from macaroon coral, bright yellow, olive green or lake blue.
* Great gift: Complete a pour-over coffee gift set with this lovely stand. Your coffee-loving favorite human is sure to take delight in and enjoy this clever and artsy addition! Gift yourself or your coffee-lovin’ pal with this simple yet stunning piece! It makes for an excellent companion to coffee brewing.

Product Details:
* Material: powder-coated metal(rack); glass(dripper)
* Item weight: 2 lb 6 oz(rack only); 3 oz(glass coffee dripper); 2 lb 9 oz(rack+glass coffee dripper)
* Rack Dimensions: L 5.4x W 4.7x H 7 IN.
* Hole Diameter: 3"
* Colors: Macaroon Coral, Bright Yellow, Olive Green, Lake Blue
* V60-02 makes 1-4 cups.
* For purchases that include a rack+dripper combo, we would like to offer you a complimentary pack of unbleached and biodegradable cone-shaped coffee filters(size: No. 2) made of 100% pure wood pulp.