Brother Thumb Mug Set of 4

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Get our popular Brother Thumb Mugs in a set of 4(go with one color or Mix & Match if you like)!

Who said mugs and utensils can’t be pieces of art on their own? Now, you don’t have to head to the nearest gallery to see something so unique, so artful. You can now just come to your own kitchen or dining area! Complete the experience with a wonderful artisan mug!

Put some spice in your life, and in your home! Introducing this modern and simplistic mug! With a perfect grip, you can worry less about dropping this intricate piece of art and focus more on enjoying your drink or the beauty of this item! It features an unconventional yet convenient design that makes it both beautiful and quite functional.

With a wide selection of artichoke green, olive black, milky white, and brown, each mug is specially handmade and unique even from mugs in the same niche. You’ll love drinking your coffee and tea any time with this one-of-a-kind mug. They make great gifts, too! A set of 4 for friends and family! Choose any of them to match your personality or that of the lucky ones you're gifting them to!


  • A modern and sophisticated design! These artisan mugs are rarely available in the market but are all the hype nowadays. You can join the bandwagon without being guilty of being too common!
  • Has a groove where you can place your finger securely without dropping the mug. Keep you and your utensils safe for use, even young children can use it.
  • Available in various colors: artichoke green, olive black, milky-white, and brown. There’s a color for everyone, so you can choose any of them to match your personality or the lucky person you’re gifting it to!
  • Features a glazed surface for a classic look! Also makes the mug look put-together and expensive, for your good taste!
  • The lack of protrusions also makes it easier to clean – while looking clean and modern! Leave no dirty residue by simply wiping this mug and setting it on the counter to dry. No hassle at all!
  • Dimensions: D 3 X H 4.2 IN
  • Capacity: 10 fluid ounces